Tanning lotions are an integral part in achieving the healthy tan you desire. First of all, salon-quality tanning lotions allow you to dramatically increase your tanning performance. It does this by incorporating patented accelerators which increase melanin production.

It is important to remember that performance always follows the price curve when it comes to a lotion, therefore select your lotion according to your needs and feel confident in knowing that the premium products come with even more of the high-quality ingredients and thus even faster results!

In addition to acceleration, salon-quality tanning lotions are fortified with skin care nutrients that are comparable to any high-end department store skin care moisturizer. Utilizing anti-oxidants such as green tea extracts, Vitamin C and Alpha-Lipoic Acid, you can feel confident that your skinís moisture is being replaced and that the lotion is ensuring the prevention of premature aging and wrinkling.

Lastly, a tanning lotion will ensure that your tan will last! If the skin is not supported with the proper hydration, it will become dry and flaky.

Sunsational Tans offers a full assortment of accelerators, bronzers, after tan extenders and gentle body washes which will keep your tan looking radiant!