Tanning Beds

Matrix Glammy L18 ER: Matrix is the most advanced tanning technology, the future of UVA, the tomorrow of tanning treatments. It offers 360 degree efficiency, comfort and safety.

Ultrabronz SuperNova: The Supernova is one of Ultrabronz's most popular high-pressure tanning beds. The Supernova is everything you expect from a true high-pressure tanning machine. A quick 24-minute session on a plush mattress will embrace you in absolute comfort.

Royal Sun: The high-performance design and wrap-around form of the Royal Sun lines are one of the most secure and efficient tanning solutions available today. The product of advanced engineering and forward thinking design, Royal Sun tanning beds make optimal use of science and art to ensure an even, beautiful tan - every time.

SUN|DASH Performance: The Sundash 20 minute Gold Series, "America's favorite tanning bed. The Sundash 10 minute Platinum Series, "The world's fastest full-body tanning system." Designed for those of us with busy lifestyles, the Platinum Series delivers the same tanning power as the 20 minute Gold Series, but gets the job done in a powerful 10 minute session. Perfect for those that tan on lunch hours or just don't like laying in a tanning bed for a full 20 minute session.

Ergoline Executive: The Ergoline Executive 450, the coolest tanning session you'll ever experience. One of the fastest and most productive tanning systems in the world! Forty-two, 170 watt GENESIS VHO R-UVA lamps and four, 400 watt high pressure lamps combine to deliver the ultimate tanning experience. The 450 achieves optimum melanin production and oxidation without the excessive heat.