Tanning - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I am pregnant, can I visit a tanning salon?
A: If your doctor doesn't tell you to avoid the sun, you may visit tanning salons. We suggest you avoid long tanning sessions. Please consult your doctor regarding this matter.

Q: Is it ok for people with skin-type I to go to a tanning salon?
A: People with skin-type I are very sensitive to sun and should be very careful if they elect to use a tanning bed. Talk to our staff for more details..

Q: How long does my tan last?
A: Approximately 2 to 4 weeks after your last tanning session or sunbath. Due to the natural process of skin renewal, the upper skin cells will be pushed away. After approximately 28 days, your tan will have faded. You can make your tan last by moisturizing your skin with special tanning products.

Q: Why doesn't skin tan equally?
A: The inner side of your arms and legs don't tan as easily as other parts of your body because they have less pigment-forming cells. Your face needs longer to tan because it has a thicker horn skin (for protection from UV-B). Freckles and birthmarks consist of much more tanning pigments and therefore tan faster. For a "seamless" tan, use ergonomically formed tanning beds.

Q: What should I do if I still get sunburn?
A: If you have light sunburn, take a break from the sun for a few days and moisturize with special lotion. Hydrate! If your skin is burnt severely you should see a doctor.

Q: How can I make my tan last longer?
A: Visit a tanning salon twice a week. A few minutes of tanning is enough to maintain your color Q: Is it ok to go to the tanning salon and the beach on the same day?